Make Beliefs Comix

The Basics

This website allows users to create their own comic strips.

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ESL-vocabularyESL-doctor-or-jobESL-printables-prompts         ESL-practice-conversation Adult and child ESL students can use the comics to practice language skills.  Comics do not require lengthy texts and allow for creativity.  The website offers a wide variety of activities and resources for ESL teachers.  Here are a few examples:The website offers “ESOL Fill-Ins” to get students started.There are also writing prompts available to print.Make Your Own ComicsSuggestions for using comics with ESL


None.  This website is full of ideas and suggestions, and can be used digitally, or using simple paper and pencil.  It’s a simple concept with a lot of potential and the creators have put a lot of thought into helping ESL teachers and learners.

  1 comment for “Make Beliefs Comix

  1. paveym1
    July 25, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Brittany, with the fascination that kids have for graphic novels and manga, this will be a hit with middle school kids. I’m going to pass it on to our EAL and world language teachers, even though I’m not at the school any more. I made a request to have access to your Google docs above with the prompt ideas. Hope that’s ok. Thanks and cheers, Meagan

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